I started a show on aNONradio and it took me a while to name the show. I started with ambiant techno yoga, pretty random terms about what I watned to talk and the style of music I wanted to play.

But then the title of evolution revolution started to emerge. It's a term that was used in an episod of Aeon Flux, where Trevor Goodchild inveted a ray to kill all the 'non-evolved' human of the world. Well this is not what I had in mind, nor am I an evil genius inventing death rays for the greater good.

The idea of evolution revolution is that: 1 I recognize that we need some sort of revolution if we want to continue to live on this planet, and 2 - evolution is the way to move forward. Now some people would like to take arms and remove the politician. This for me is useless as we lost our democracy long ago, and replacing, by voting or imprisoning politician would simply mean soeone else would be put in place

Going against the corporation? If you aim high enough at the board members behind these corporation, yes you would have a shot of changing how the world operate. Corporation have too much power and the 'profi before evrything' is killing not only our natural world but also the fabric of our civilisation.

Then again if you are to removing thmm altogheter, there is stilla need for radical change in our own culture. That radical change is what I call evolution revolution. We need to work toward our evolution in order to create change. All the other political or corporative agenda are only distraction to this purpose.

So what does it means to evolve

Evolution happens on many levels. From a personal development, to the caring of the fabric with our community and our connection to nature. If we look at consumerism for a moment. Consumerism push us in a direction of being disconnected from each other, the more alone we are, the more stuff we need. It also disconnect us from nature, as nature provide food, shelter, medecine and all that for free. Consumerism also thrive when the consumer has an unhealty relationship with themselves. If you hate yourself, you are more likely to consume anything to get away from yourself. Self loathing is a major drive to consumption.

In a sense everything that go against consumerism is a good indicator that it would probably be good for our evolution. This is not because consumerism is bad and evolution is good. It's simply because the goals are different.

Taking side or taking a stance is a powerfull concept which can help taking step towrd your own evolution. When taking a side, you enter into a whirlwind of judgment which takes over the direction of your life. When you want to step out of taking a side, you can direct your attention toward taking a stance for something greater than you.


What is bounding you and how to liberate yourself.